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D KobaleCEO
  • 070x small copy

    Free 070 Personal Numbers

    070’s (‘personal numbers’) look like mobile phone numbers, and are recognizably more expensive to call than 08 numbers. As such, they are more suitable for contacting individuals than for sales use, although they make good ‘field support’ numbers for staff who … Continue reading

  • 0871 small copy

    Free 0871 InternationalCall Numbers

    0871 numbers are a relatively new range, usually costing a fixed rate of 10p per minute to call. They are still recognisably 08 numbers (giving that national image) but are cheaper to have than other 08 numbers and include free call … Continue reading

  • 0844 small copy

    Free 0844 Fixed Rate Call Numbers

    0844 numbers similar to 0845 numbers are also good marketing numbers, and it is widely recognised that calls to these numbers are charged 5ppm (pence per minute) to the caller. They are cheap to call and like all 08 numbers they … Continue reading