Live Call Answering Service

Missing phone calls is bad for business?

As even the most dedicated business man cannot be in two places at once and available 24-7, missing calls is also inevitable. Voicemail helps, but too often makes you look small and unprofessional; and just how many people hang up at the first squeak of an answer phone!

Call flow

When you’ve worked hard to generate new business, tailoring your services and market positioning, and perfecting your advertising, don’t ruin all that effort by relying on customers to talk to an answer phone. When it comes to your sales process, don’t let the way callers are answered be the weakest link.

“Live Answers” is a ‘receptionist-like’ human answering service, available to take your calls 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, whenever you are unavailable to take them yourself. Calls are answered by skilled professional operators, in your company name, and then the callers name, contact number and a short message are sent to you via email or SMS.

Don’t let potential business get away. While callers may reluctant to leave a message on voicemail, our highly trained operators are experts at getting people to talk, ensuring that sales leads are not lost when you’re unavailable, while giving callers a very good impression of your company. Callers will be reassured that they are dealing with a solidly professional organisation, whilst you won’t risk losing new business leads.

How does “Live Answers” work? You are supplied with a Private UK Number, which can be programmed into any call divert system, switchboard, fixed phone line or mobile. You control how the divert works – whether it’s automatic or only activated when any of your public numbers are unreachable or remains unanswered after several rings. A skilled professional answers calls in your company name using your preferred greeting, and takes the caller’s name, number and a short message. You receive immediate notification (including the caller’s message and contact details) by email and SMS.

What about international access?  Our “Live Answering Service” is available to all international Customers as well, because the UK number that we provide each customer, is an 0207 London local area code number, which is internationally accessible from other countries, ie. +44-207-XXX-XXXX.

What are the benefits of using this service?

  • New callers get a better first impression. New callers will assume that you conduct business with the same professionalism that you answer their first call. They’re judging you, so don’t blow it!
  • People will prefer to do business with you because you are easier to do business with. Callers never get an impersonal answers phone, and you are much more likely to get their message.
  • All this means more sales. Unlike voicemail which drives sales leads away, a Human Answering Service allows you to fully capitalise on sales leads generated by your advertising, leading to increased sales closure and therefore increased profitability.
  • You may even be able to charge more. By giving callers a better experience, a Human Answering Service increases the perceived quality of your customer service, meaning that you may be able to charge more. Remember that people are often prepared to pay a premium for quality and reliability, believing that they will save time and money in the long run.

Number costs and other information

  • Setup Fee – Free
  • Line Rental – £19.50 per calendar month
  • Message Cost – £1.25 per message
  • Free Messages – 15 messages per month
  • Call Cost – Standard geographic call rates
  • Call Forwarding – Not applicable
  • Billing – Quarterly

The benefits

  • Real-time change to your answering information online. Just click UPDATE and the change takes effect – now you can customise your message to suit your schedule.
  • Real-time display and costing of messages
  • Your messages and their charges are instantly available to you online. No more nasty surprises at the end of the month.
  • Improved Service Controls from within the online control panel
  • Real-time online call records
  • View your received messages online

All prices exclude VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.