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0871 International Call Numbers is changing its name to 087x International Cashback Numbers

Great News!

Our 0871 International Call Numbers are being upgraded and the name is changing to 087x International Cashback Numbers!

What does this change mean?

The our old product worked meant that from the revenue we earn from calls into our 0871 International Call Numbers, we offset against the call diverts to an extended list international call forwarding including UK landline and mobile, thus providing you with a Free of Charge 087x number with no charge for international call forwarding to many international destinations.

What’s is the new about and how will this affect my current UK 087x numbers?

With the new “087x International Cashback Numbers”, you will get Cashback on all calls made to your 087x numbers and you still get call forwarding to a limited about of international destinations including UK landline and mobile. However the difference being, that the call divert will be offset against the Cashback we pay you for every call made to your 087x numbers, instead of old way of us offsetting the call divert against all revenue made from the calls to our 087x numbers.

How much Cashback will I get and how does this work with your call divert?

We will pay you up to 6p per minute (£0.06p) for all calls into your 087x numbers. We will offset the call divert against the 6p per minute, which means what ever the call divert cost is, for example divert to Spain mobile retail costs 3.6p per minute (£0.036p), and this would be offset against your 6p per minute Cashback, leaving you with a out-payment of 2.4p per minute, which will be automatically added to your call credit in your online user portal account.

How do I go about redeeming my Cashback?

When your UK 087x International Cashback Numbers call credit reaches £250 on account, you can request an out-payment, which can be paid via PayPal and for UK customers only we can also make a bank transfer. Please be reminded that your online user portal account needs to remain in call credit by a nominal amount to keep your 087x numbers active. So please be mindful to leave say £10 call credit on your account when your request your out-payment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and member of our Team will be glad to assist your with your questions.

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