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All routes opened on all 4470, 4487, 44844, 44845 and Geographic Numbers!


We are proud to announce that we have opened up every destination conceivably possible on all of our 4470, 4487, 44844, 44845 and geographic numbers. There is a Free DIVERT PLAN and a PREPAID PLAN! When you place your order for any of our UK numbers, our order form will tell you which countries have Free divert and which countries have PAID divert!.

There is a vast amount of FREE diverts on our 070 numbers, then breaking it down the list of free diverts gets shorter on the 087, 0844, and 0845 numbers. Either way you have the largest offering with FREE DIVERTS to over 100 destinations Worldwide!

Get your 070 UK Number now!

Get your 087 UK Number now!

Get your 0844 UK Number now!

Get your 0845 UK Number now!

Get your GEO UK Number now!

We now also offer a Revenue Share Number on 087 numbers, which gives you up to 9p per minute payout. However we must still charge your for your divert, as we still have to pay for this! This is how it works, we pay you 9p and say divert to Spain Mobile is 3.9p, then you will earn a total of 5.1p.

Get your Revenue Share Number now!

For more information see the product pages or if you have any questions please email us or call us on our office phone number (+44) 0845-874-0238


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  • Agents

    how can I do an order for UK call number divert…I have tried but am not seeing the submit order portion

    • You need to fully complete the order form, once you complete the order form in full the submit order button or purchase now button will appear depending on whether your call forwarding destination is free of charge or requires call credit


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