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(April 2nd, 2004) – OpenTelecom releases a new 07 personal mobile number service.

(Worldwide) April 2nd, 2004 – OpenTelecom recently gained a new agreement with one of it’s service providers for a new style of 07 personal mobile number available to customers Worldwide.[break]

This new type 07 personal mobile number will have the potential to be diverted to either UK landlines, UK mobile phones and international landlines in over 100 countries Worldwide.[break]

Another advantage of OpenTelecom’s 07 personal mobile numbers, is that they can be dialled from most international countries, which means you can have UK presence with a UK number and be anywhere in the World.[break]

This new service will open up the doors to many new businesses and private individuals alike who up until now could not have a UK number. And what’s more is that these 07 mobile numbers will have absolutely no cost to the End-user.[break]


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