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Clear pricing of our NGN phone numbers

Here at Open Telecom we believe in making customers, callers and other end-users of our phone numbers we issue, known as NGN’s which means “non-geographic numbers” For that very reason here you will find the costs of each number type are provide.

Number types and costs to the callers from a BT line (calls from mobiles and other networks may vary)

  • 070420xxxx (cost to caller £0.1938 pence per minute)
  • 070457xxxx (cost to caller £0.50 pence per minute)
  • 070359xxxx (cost to caller £0.375 daytime, £0.25 evening, £0.125 weekends pence per minute)
  • 070111xxxx (cost to caller £0.50 pence per minute)
  • 070129xxxx (cost to caller £0.50 pence per minute)
  • 08717xxxxx (cost to caller £0.10 pence per minute)
  • 08442xxxxx (cost to caller £0.05 pence per minute)
  • 08448xxxxx (cost to caller £0.05 pence per minute)
  • 08454xxxxx (cost to caller £0.02 day, £0.005 evening/weekend pence per minute)

We believe in working with Ofcom providing transparency and bringing awareness to the non-geographic number market. All the above number types are revenue generating numbers per minute. From this revenue we are able to provide businesses and individuals services to benefit their businesses and day to day communication needs.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact customer service on T.0844-888-2892 or email us.


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