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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any problems or queries regarding our services, some frequently asked questions are listed below. If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) below, then please contact us or leave a comment or question of our facebook page

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Does OpenTAP Gateway support SNPP and WCTP?

No, OpenTAP Gateway does not support SNPP or WCTP at this time.


Do I Need to Pay for AT&T Enterprise Paging?

No, OpenTAP Gateway works with your AT&T service without having to pay for Enterprise Paging. With OpenTAP Gateway, you can save hundreds of dollars per month, depending on the number … Continue reading


Does TAP Gateway Have a Toll Free (Freephone 0800) Access Number?

No, OpenTAP Gateway does not currently have a toll free access number. Customers needing toll free access may purchase their own toll free number from the long distance carrier of … Continue reading


Does OpenTAP Gateway Support T-Mobile and Virgin?

Yes, OpenTAP Gateway supports nearly all mobile phone carriers, even if your carrier does not support TAP themselves.


Does OpenTAP Gateway Support Google Voice?

Yes, though technically not a mobile phone provider, OpenTAP Gateway supports SMS messages to Google Voice numbers.


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What do you offer to make sure nothing goes wrong with my phone service?

We provide a fully redundant, fault tolerant, meshed architecture, so that there is no single point of failure. We provide 24-7 monitoring and support via a world-class network operating data … Continue reading


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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express using PayPal etc. We also accept wire/bank transfers. Please contact customer services for more details.


Are your prices including or excluding VAT?

All prices listed on our website are excluding VAT @20% unless otherwise stated.


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What is the SIP URL for my SIP IP phone configuration?

The SIP URL you will be asked for when setting up your SIP IP phone is “”


How do I order a UK virtual 08xx or 070x number from Open Telecom?

To place an order for an 08xx or 070x UK virtual phone number from Open Telecom, its easy. Just follow the service links below to each of the top 4 … Continue reading


Can I have additional services added to my 08xx/070x number?

Yes. Additional features include call divert plan and time of day plan, an advantage when you are dealing with large call volumes (pricing may be applicable).


Can I earn revenue from my 08xx/070x number?

No. OpenTelecom supplies a free of charge service on all basic numbers without IVR, therefore we are unable to support revenue payments as we need to retain all revenue to cover operating … Continue reading


Are your 01/02/03 geographic numbers free to use?

Yes our 01/02/03 geographic numbers are free to use, with No line rental an No setup fee, however you must pay for all calls in and out on all geographic … Continue reading


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