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ZoiPer VoIP SIP softphone mobile app download and installation instructions for Android and iPhone

How to setup your ZoiPer VoIP SIP softphone mobile app on Android or iPhone:

Simply contact our helpdesk to request an upgrade to your 08 or 070 number to the VoiPAY prepay plan, then download the FREE ZoiPer VoIP SIP phone mobile app from the App Store to your Android or iPhone and follow the below instructions below.

1). Download the ZoiPer VoIP SIP phone mobile app from the Android or iPhone App Store

2) Open the ZoiPer VoIP phone mobile app

3).  Click on the SETTINGS button on the bottom right of the screen. Then click on ACCOUNTS option.

4). Click the “+” sign top right of the screen. It now asks you if you already have account, so you click YES

5). Now you must click SELECT A PROVIDER

6). Scroll down the providers list until you find OPEN TELECOM INTERNATIONAL and click on this and your VoIP phone mobile app will be automatically setup with our network settings.

7). Now all you have to do is enter your USERNAME and CALLER ID (this is your UK number with no leading zeros, just 44xx and the rest of the UK number we have upgraded for you) and your SIP PASSWORD. Both of these can be found if you login to your online account you have with us, under the menu opttion SIP LOGIN DETAILS.

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