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Free 070 Personal Mobile Numbers

07’s (‘mobile numbers’) look like mobile phone numbers, and are recognisably more expensive to call than 08 numbers. As such, they are more suitable for contacting individuals than for sales use, although they make good ‘field support’ numbers for staff who are ‘on call’. 07 numbers are free to setup and include a huge amount of free call forwarding, making them perfect personal contact numbers.[break]

Our 070 MobileCall numbers are all Free, yes FREE with No setup fee, No line rental, No call usage and No call forwarding charges and the only cost is to the Caller for calling and making the call to your 070 MobileCall number.[break

With Free redirection to UK landline, UK mobile, International phone lines in over 180 countries, you cannot go wrong by ordering and using an Open Telecom 070 MobileCall number.[break]

[break]What are the benefits?

  • Ensure you are always in touch with your UK customers, even when you are abroad… at no cost to you
  • Allow callers to contact the right person every time, without giving out their home or mobile numbers
  • Avoid inbound call costs. It’s all free to you
  • Raise customer confidence by always being available… and increase your calls, sales and profits at the same time
  • Keep the same number, even if you relocate or change your representatives
  • Additional features include call divert plan (up to 5 targets) and time of day plan, an advantage when you are dealing with large call volumes (pricing may be applicable).

Click here to find our more now and get your 070 MobileCall number today!

Note: You incur no cost by signing up for, or using an 070 Number. Really! There is no catch and no hidden charges. We operate by taking a share of the revenue generated by all calls made to our 070 Numbers.[break]


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