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(July 27th, 2004) – Problems with some 0871 numbers provided by 0871 Global.

(Worldwide) July 27th, 2004 – It has been brought to our attention that customers with 0871 numbers supplied to them by 0871 Global have been experiencing connection problems. This is because all 0871 numbers with the following number ranges; 0871-871-xxxx, 0871-734-xxxx, 0871-733-xxxx, belonging to 0871 Global have been suspended without further notice. [break]

If you would like to have your 0871 numbers reconnected with immediate effect, then please contact OpenTelecom customer services. To make the transfer and reconnection, all we need from you is to send us an email quoting your 0871 number, the target number and a formal request to have the number reconnected by OpenTelecom.[break]


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