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Myanmar to open Telecom Market soon

myanmar_telecomThe under developed telecommunication of Myanmar will soon be open to the telecom market for large scale foreign investment according to senior regulator.[break]

New communication law is being deliberately reviewed to create four new telecommunication licenses in the country, and these licenses will apply only to both local and foreign investors. At present foreigners are not permitted to hold telecom licenses in Myanmar as stated by Khin Maung Thet, director general of Post and Telecommunications Department.[break]

The Post & Telecommunications Department is under the wings of Myanmar’s Ministry of Communications, Posts and Telegraphs, whose function is to control communication. The arrangement on which is to amend telecom laws was dependent on a research report made by analysts at Nomura Securities which was released last week, WSJ news report said.[break]

U.S and European officials are ready to start lifting some important sanctions as early as next month in accordance to the major changes in Myanmar including the release of hundreds of political prisoners. As part of the reforms, telecommunication laws were included to encourage and strengthen the nations under developed economy and these could be a way to attract foreign investors even if there are still ongoing sanctions.[break]

The right to form unions is another reform that was implemented and other significant investment rules and guidelines on business establishments just to entice foreign investment to pour into the country.[break]

New telecoms law could open other form of investments in the country, that will boost and reinforce other ground breaking development in its natural resources including gems and natural gas, the report said.[break]

Visitors from other countries are not able to use blackberries or other roaming devices, Internet users are still in a very small ratio according to both sources.[break]

50 per cent wireless accessibility is what Myanmar is hoping to work for by year 2015. This will be the start of a progressive Myanmar in the field of telecommunications and the start for the communication industry to rise up and that includes the blackberry service by 2014 which Myanmar will be the host of the summit of ASEAN countries.[break]

With the new telecommunications law, it would be hard for other Asian global telecom to make business in the country because of its impulsive and changeable legal system. Other contributory factors are insufficient electricity, poor transport system and other infrastructure. Business firms are yet to decide when they see that the government is doing very well in their reforms before they begin to invest big sum of money.[break]

The country is not yet adaptable to the use of mobile devices as compared to other countries where the mobile phones are widely used and accepted. But if plans pushed thru it would be Axiata Group Bhd. in Malaysia and Singapore Telecommunications Ltd to be considered.[break]

The company cannot be reached for any remarks and they were frustrated for not getting any viable comments from Axiata.[break]


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