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Open Telecom International launches new socially integrated website also to include customer control panel access in the near future

(Wadebridge, Cornwall) Last year in September 2011, Open Telecom International Ltd embarked on new endeavours to bring intelligent online automation with instant connections of all virtual phone numbers, which will also include customer control panel access for future products. For example: ‘our first product is to be “Voice to Email” as standard to be rolled out across our entire network of number ranges and provided in similar way to the mobile network operators’.[break]

Mr Kobale CEO of Open Telecom said “there are other telecom suppliers in the UK which provide a similar service, but our virtual phone number platform is different, in that we have the largest number of Day/Night/Weekend Free Call Forwarding to landlines and mobiles in over 100 countries also including the UK. On top of this we have worked hard to integrate a complex 419 anti-fraud honey-pot system which no other telecoms supplier has on their automated platforms. We are constantly striving to please not only our customer base, but also the regulators of the telecom industry Ofcom and Payphone Plus. Our level of 419 fraud complaints has gone down to very low levels over the past 2 years due to our working hard on manual filtering methods to now building our own customised intelligent platform which no one else has that we know of or that is available as an off the shelf product.[break]

Again we would like to thank Mr Kevin Spear for all his hard work and benefits which he has brought to the table here at Open Telecom”. I would also like to thank all our company team together as we have all had input with our ideas to create and achieve everything and all that we have done.”[break]

For more information please contact or or call the office on +44 (8)44-888-2892.[break]


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