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(June 2nd, 2006) – OpenTelecom signs new deal with PNC Telecom Services Ltd for co-located inbound telecom services

(Worldwide) June 2nd, 2006 – OpenTelecom has signed a contract with PNC Telecom Services Ltd. PNC Telecom Services Ltd will provide hosted/co-located telecom services for OpenTelecom, enabling the OpenTelecom to benefit from wholesale carrier grade pricing and the leasing of E1’s. This will assist the continuing growth of OpenTelecom in the international sector. [break]

OpenTelecom is dedicated to making alliances with its suppliers for quality of service and appliance in order to keep providing a continued high standard of service that we have been doing since 2002.[break]

OpenTelecom now has partnerships with Totem Communications, PNC Telecom Services, Digital Mail and Intelnet Group.[break]

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact customer services on +44 (0)844-888-2892.[break]


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