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OpenTAP the Free of Charge TAP to SMS and Email gateway from Open Telecom

Do you use TAP gateway messaging?

If you or your company uses TAP gateway messaging and you current service provider has withdrawn their service, such as O2, AT&T and many more Worldwide, then why not start using the new and reliable TAP to SMS and Email gateway from Open Telecom called OpenTAP.

OpenTAP is completely Free of Charge, with no hidden costs to you, no messaging fees and no monthly or sign-up fees. They only catch is you must pay for the call to the UK access number. We support calls from international too, as our service is not just for UK clients.

The only other catch is you must be registered to use the service, as although its Free of Charge, it is not an open service, so you must register for access to be able to send TAP messages from your supported devices, such as: alarms, pagers and other…

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