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Renewed partnership with Invomo (part of the GCI Com group of companies)

(Wadebridge, Cornwall) After talks with CEO Wayne Martin of GCI Com Mr Daniel Kobale (CEO) and Mr Ian Watts (Sales Director) of Open Telecom International Ltd are proud to announce a renewed partnership and 7 year service contract with Invomo (part of the GCI Com group of companies)[break]

Mr Kobale the CEO of Open Telecom said “this is a real turning point of our companies together working in this close partnership. It was great news when got word about signing the renewed and extended 7 year service contract with Invomo. We have just launched our new website which replaces the old one, all in line with our automation and new product development, which is designed by Mr Kevin Spear, friend and collegue. We are proud to have Kevin on our team and we look forward to all the great new products which we will be releasing in the near future. Working together Invomo and Open Telecom are now really achieving great things for our now over 200,000 users Worldwide”.[break]

For more information please contact or or call the office on +44 (0)844-888-2892[break]


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