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SMS over PSTN Phone Lines (Endorsed by Texecom Ltd)






Vodafone the last man standing?

SMS over PSTN phone lines has been used in varying industries for many years, and was often sold as an additional service by alarm companies, allowing the user to be notified of alarm conditions, and open/close events.

For many years there were two main players operating the service in the UK, O2 and Vodafone. In 2012 the O2 service was switched off, leaving only the Vodafone service available for use. The Vodafone service has some issues, approximately 10% of messages sent never reach their destination, this is probably due to network congestion, and is unlikely to change. There is no guarantee that this service will continue into the

What are my options?

It is widely accepted in our industry that SMS via PSTN is not the most secure or reliable method of communication available; however, as a service based on costs it is unique and is sometimes demanded or expected by the user.

Suppliers of the traditional SMS centre telephone numbers do not receive any payment for their services and due to this they have all (apart from Vodafone) turned the numbers off.

Start using OpenTAP – the basics of SMS VIA PSTN

The installer or end user will have to register each receiving mobile handset. This stops misuse of the system and text spamming. OpenTap is provided by OpenTelecom in the UK

Registration is simple:

  1. Input the OpenTAP access number 07045607101 (50p per call) (dialling from international +447045607101) into your alarm communication or TAP software client settings.
  2. Input the mobile numbers your wish to receive text messages on in the following format without any leading zeros, eg. 44771123456
  3. Use This Link for the On-Line registration form

How much will it cost?

As with the existing services there are no subscription costs, contracts or set up fees. Each call will cost 50p.


The main reasons for failure of the system are listed here:-

  • SMS centre number and the actual phone number that receives the text message entered into the wrong sections in programming menu’s.
  • Mobile Telephones that receive the text message MUST be registered with OpenTelecom.
  • When registering numbers via SMS ensure you include the following= the word TAP, a ‘site” NAME, and the receiving mobile telephone numbers in the same format 447950123456.
  • When registering by SMS have a space between the words and the telephone number.
  • An example: “TAP + MUMSHOUSE + 447711234567” then send it to 02030260014.
  • Does the provider or the PSTN telephone line allow calls to 070 numbers?
  • Try calling 07042035480 from a telephone on the same line as the alarm panel.
  • Is the dialler on your alarm working at all? try inputting your mobile number in place of the 07042035480 number and then send signals, if your phone doesn’t ring either, then it’s a problem at your end

This service is provided & supported by:

Open Telecom International Ltd
2 Eddystone House
6 Eddystone Road
Cornwall PL27 7AL
Tel. +44 (0)844-888-2892
Open Telecom customer services Mon-Fri 10-5pm UK 0844-888-2892 (intl. +448448882892)

PLEASE NOTE: Texecom Limited has no control over this or any other TAP service. Users of this service should check the Open Telecom International website for information and Terms & Conditions of use.

PDF Document Link


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