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Who regulates 0871 number here in the UK?

0871 numbers offer UK businesses the opportunity to earn money on every call. These numbers attract higher call rates, which makes it essential to inform callers about the applicable rates. Calls from landlines cost up to 10 p per minute while calls from mobiles may be higher. These numbers are ideal for use as technical support lines. 0871 numbers need to be registered with PhonepayPlus UK, which...
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In accordance with Ofcom’s decision in April 2006, ICSTIS will regulate 0871 numbers from early 2008. This statement aims to clarify the timetable for introducing this change and reiterate the essential objectives. ICSTIS’ pre-consultation emphasised the importance of pricing clarity as previously outlined by Ofcom in its Statement on NTS. It is vital that consumers understand that 0871 numbers...
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Using an 0844 number can improve your inbound call efficiency

0844 numbers are non geographic numbers in the UK that bring a number of benefits to businesses and callers as well. Calls to 0844 numbers are charged at local call rates of up to a maximum of £0.05 pence per minute. The number can be used to direct any incoming calls to a landline telephone number without any charges for receiving inbound calls that are directed to a landline. Calls can be redire...
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(July 27th, 2004) – Problems with some 0871 numbers provided by 0871 Global.

(Worldwide) July 27th, 2004 - It has been brought to our attention that customers with 0871 numbers supplied to them by 0871 Global have been experiencing connection problems. This is because all 0871 numbers with the following number ranges; 0871-871-xxxx, 0871-734-xxxx, 0871-733-xxxx, belonging to 0871 Global have been suspended without further notice. [break] If you would like to have your 0...
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