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TAP Access Number

At our shop we have a piece of kit that calls up a mobile number to communicate to our mobiles with text messages that vtell us when the alarm is set/unset, alarms and other stuff. The number it calls is 07960 980480, but this number now seems either permanently engaged or just doesn't answer at all. O2 (who run the number) don't seem to even know what i'm talking about! Vodafone also have a...
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OpenTAP the Free of Charge TAP to SMS and Email gateway from Open Telecom

Do you use TAP gateway messaging? If you or your company uses TAP gateway messaging and you current service provider has withdrawn their service, such as O2, AT&T and many more Worldwide, then why not start using the new and reliable TAP to SMS and Email gateway from Open Telecom called OpenTAP. OpenTAP is completely Free of Charge, with no hidden costs to you, no messaging fees and no mon...
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Facebook Messenger for Wordpress
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