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Verizon takes off on a flight of fancy

High hopes, hot air and gravity-defying grit will be needed to make this deal fly
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Telecom Italia confirms chief’s departure

Move follows restructuring wrangles with biggest shareholder Vivendi controlled by Vincent Bolloré
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Altice’s savvy ‘playbook’ fuels growth

Dutch group targets companies with poor cash flow and strives to boost their earnings quickly
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Comcast chief warns on new internet rules

Internet provider presses on with planned $45bn purchase of Time Warner Cable
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Telecoms executives turn on Dish’s Ergen

AT&T and T-Mobile US speak out over rival’s buying up of wireless spectrum
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Telecom Italia halts work on Brazil deal

Focus on €14.5bn plan to improve its mobile and fixed broadband networks
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US broadband: slow speed internet

Selling networks is a high capital and low return business
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UK at digital ‘tipping point’, warn peers

House of Lords committee warns Britain in danger of being left behind in digital era
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