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Clear pricing of our NGN phone numbers

Here at Open Telecom we believe in making customers, callers and other end-users of our phone numbers we issue, known as NGN's which means "non-geographic numbers" For that very reason here you will find the costs of each number type are provide. Number types and costs to the callers from a BT line (calls from mobiles and other networks may vary) 070420xxxx (cost to caller £0.1938 pence per m...
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iPhone 5 review

The Apple iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessors. But not necessarily its competitors. We took a closer look at T3 HQ… iPhone 5 review Love Bigger screen 4G capability Better front-facing camera Hate No iP5-specific iOS 6 features Battery life still not great Prefer the old Maps design Update: We've updated our iPhone 5 review to include h...
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Facebook Messenger for Wordpress
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