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Wireless Power for the Price of a Penny

(10th Aug 2012) The newspaper-style printing of electronic equipment has led to a cost-effective device that could change the way we interact with everyday objects. For a price of just one penny per unit the device, known as a rectenna, which is presented today, Friday 10 August, in IOP Publishing's journal Nanotechnology, can be placed onto objects such as price tags, logos and signage so that...
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Crieff nuclear bunker goes up for sale

A bunker built for Scottish Office staff in the event of a nuclear attack is up for sale.[break] The bunker has its own canteen and dormitories.[break] The complex at Cultybraggan Camp near Comrie, Perthshire, was completed in 1990 and is believed to be one of the most advanced structures of its kind.[break] It was built to house 150 people and protect them from nuclear, biological an...
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