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Government cuts off costly calls

Customers calling helplines to complain will no longer have to pay more than the basic rate putting a stop to costly calls. Customers calling helplines to complain about their faulty microwaves or incorrect train tickets will no longer have to pay more than the basic rate, putting a stop to costly calls faced by consumers, announced Consumer Minister Jo Swinson today (13 December 2013). Follow...
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Move from ISDN to VoIP-SIP

Simple steps to SIP migration from ISDN If you’re still running most of your calls over ISDN, it’s worth taking a serious look at how easy it is to switch to cheaper, more flexible SIP connectivity. Why make the switch? Until recently ISDN had been the only viable choice for most companies – from SMEs to large corporations – to ensure business-grade telephony. But the last 12 months has seen a ...
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Changes to PhonepayPlus Code of Practice and statement following consultation on the 13th edition of the Code

PhonepayPlus is today publishing its 13th Code of Practice and a limited number of immediate changes to the current 12th Code of Practice. These immediate changes have been made in response to the High Court’s recent judgment on the use of the Emergency Procedure in 2013 and, as explained below, are also being included in the 13th Code of Practice. Please click here to download relevant documents....
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Tired of cold-callers disturbing your favourite TV show, then set up your own premium 0871 number that costs the caller 10p a minute when they ring you!

Are you annoyed with the PPI and other marketing calls when you're trying to watch TV? Keep your home landline free line for friends and family and the premium 0871 number for sales marketing companies If you are sick and tired of all those stupid sale marketing calls, even worse those automated message marketing calls you get all the time, there is a solution for you! Yes keep your home line...
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Isle of Man mobile phone charges set to fall

Mobile phone customers in the Isle of Man could see a significant reduction in their bills. The Communication Commission has proposed moves to bring Manx prices more in line with those in Europe. Island customers are currently charged nearly double the European average. A spokesman from the communications commission confirmed the current Manx mobile charges (7.4p per minute peak) are almo...
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Lincoln firm buys Cultybraggan nuclear bunker

A bunker built to protect Scotland's leaders from nuclear threat is now set to become a digital safe house, it has been revealed.[break] The shelter at the former prisoner-of-war camp at Cultybraggan, near Comrie in Perthshire, will be used to store confidential computer files.[break] Lincoln-based communications firm GCI Com Group Ltd has had its bid accepted for the Cold War building.[break]...
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Facebook Messenger for Wordpress
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