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How to use your PrepayGEO UK numbers with a mobile VoIP (SIP) app

You might be wondering how you can use your new PrepayGEO UK numbers on your mobile phones? Well that's easy, just download the follow Groundwire App from the Android Store or the iPhone app store. Here are the links provided for you so you can learn more about the Groundwire app, which is compatible and recommended by us for use with your VoIP (SIP) PrepayGEO UK numbers. Android App ...
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Touting fastest 4G takeup in Europe so far, EE adds sharing and pre-pay options

It appears that LTE subscriber numbers at EE — a carrier that still has a monopoly on 4G in the UK — are increasing at an accelerating pace. But rivals are set to launch their 4G offerings soon. Half a million people have signed up for EE’s 4G services in the 7 months they’ve been up and running, the British carrier announced on Thursday. That’s the fastest LTE take-up in Europe thus far, the o...
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BT claim they own SIP

By Simon Woodhead Shortly after midnight last night my inbox pinged with a concerned email from a diligent customer. They’d seen news on The Register that BT were claiming ownership of 99 Patents which give it ownership of SIP. The article makes interesting albeit concerning reading. We haven’t yet heard any view from industry sources so wanted to get this out amongst customers. Whilst recen...
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Facebook Messenger for Wordpress
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