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Personal Numbering – Guidance on the acceptable use of 070 numbers

Revised 27 February 2009 Ofcom has produced these guidelines to provide range holders with further clarification on what it considers to be acceptable use of 070 numbers. They do not fetter Ofcom's discretion in dealing with future cases involving the use of the 070 range. Comments on these guidelines are welcome and, if appropriate, may be reflected in any future revision. 1. This guid...
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Common VoIP Terms

Below you will find common terms and definitions related to the topics of Hosted PBX, Voice-over-IP and general networking. Codec In the world of VoIP a codec is used to encode voice for transmission access IP networks. Codec's for VoIP use are also referred to as vocoders, for "voice encoders". Codecs generally provide a compression capability to save network bandwidth. Some codecs also support...
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SMS over PSTN Phone Lines (Endorsed by Texecom Ltd)

        Vodafone the last man standing? SMS over PSTN phone lines has been used in varying industries for many years, and was often sold as an additional service by alarm companies, allowing the user to be notified of alarm conditions, and open/close events. For many years there were two main players operating the service in the UK, O2 and Vodafone. In 2012 th...
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Ofcom requires phone companies to pay for numbers

Communications providers will be charged for landline telephone numbers in parts of the country where supplies are running low, Ofcom announced today.[break] The companies will pay 10p per year for every number they have been allocated, under a pilot scheme covering 30 area codes in the UK from next April.[break] Charging for blocks of landline telephone numbers, which are currently free, is...
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Removal of the requirement for pre-call announcements on 070 numbers

Published 17|12|07 The 070 number prefix is intended to identify those numbers as being “personal numbering” services which enable the holder of the number to be contacted whatever their location. 070 numbers have been widely abused, in particular for scamming purposes, in many cases with consumers believing they are responding to a missed call from a mobile number, which also commences with “0...
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