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ZoiPer Softphone SIP (VoIP) setup and auto-configuration

Upgrade to our VoiPAY prepay plan for 08 and 070 numbers today!

For full instructions and auto-provisioning click here

Free SIP VoIP mobile app compatible with Android and iPhone. Simply download the app and follow the instructions, then add your SIP Login Details and you ready to receive all incoming calls free of charge to your VoIP SIP Phone and make or divert calls to landlines and mobiles any where in the world at cheap low cost prices.

Click Here for setup and instructions for Android and iPhone mobile apps.

**The QR images and provisioning URLs are one time use only and are generated on the fly. No user passwords will be stored on our server at any time for safety reasons. Provisioning documents are deleted after use or within 48 hours if not used.


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