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Groundwire SIP/VoIP Softphone app for Windows, Android and iPhone

The Groundwire SIP/VoIP phone app for Windows, Android and iPhone and is our recommended choice of softphone.

Download the iOS iPhone Groundwire SIP/VoIP phone app

Download the Android Groundwire SIP/VoIP phone app

1) Click on Settings located top right of the phone, then select Accounts.

2) On the Accounts screen click the “+” (top right), then click Generic SIP Account.

3) Now you need to add your SIP/VoIP login information. This can be found in your online customer account in the menu Manage Settings > SIP/VoIP User Details.

Title (this is what ever you want to call this account. Username (this is your Franzcom Account ID). Password (this is your SIP user password, not your customer account login password). Domain (this is the sip domain ‘sip.open-telecom.co.uk’). Display Name (this is your Franzcom Account ID)

4) You now need to go to Advanced Settings.

5) Now we need to enable the Outbound Proxy settings. Scroll down and click on NAT Traversal. Scroll down again and click on Outbound Proxy and enable the Outbound Proxy, then click done.


6) Next you need to add the Voicemail shortcode access number 150 to the Advanced Settings. On the Edit Account page, scroll down and click on Advanced Settings, then scroll down to VoiceMail Number and input our voicemail access number 150.

7) While still on the Advanced Settings page, we need to also scroll down to Messaging and turn on Simple. This enables the Instant Messaging feature which is available to all Franzcom customers.

You should now be all setup with your Franzcom number working with the Groundwire. If you need to add more Franzcom numbers, just repeat the process over.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or call us on +44 (0)808-117-6736

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