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FranzCom launches Prepay070 with Free Roaming to SIP (VoIP) divert!

We are moving into the digital age of the internet with rapidly developing technology, products and services and with that FranzCom want to open the doors and break down the boarders starting with 070 Free SIP Roaming Worldwide.

Free roaming you say, well how does that work? With our state of the art switch and billing platform, we have the ability to offer our 070 Personal Number customers free roaming via SIP to make and receive VoIP phone calls. You can have your 070 number diverted to SIP free of charge!

SIP enables FranzCom to divert directly to a SIP phone or SIP app, SIP is also known as VoIP which is the more commonly used term.

All you need to do is download one of the following free SIP-VoIP apps from the mobile store and then message us requesting that your 070 plan be upgraded to Prepay070.

With Prepay070 you get free roaming, receiving free incoming calls any where, any time! The only requirement is that you have mobile data or WiFi signal, as the mobile SIP apps use your mobile data and WiFi, so in simple terms, all you need is a mobile internet connection.

With Prepay070 you can not just receive your calls for free via the SIP app, but you can also divert to any landline or mobile and make calls from your SIP app with some call credit added to your account, using FranzCom’s phone call network to communicate with friends and family or business contacts and customers.

With Prepay070 you are always connected!

Call us on (+44) 0845-874-0238 or contact us to have to find our more or have your 070 accounts switched to Prepay070 today!

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