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International VoIP Calls – Wherever You Go Worldwide!

With our international call pricing it won’t drain your cash! You can phone friends and family or business contacts any where in the world with ease. Our Hosted VoIP Phone Network makes it the best choice when looking for an alternative and affordable phone system solution for making VoIP calls any where, anytime!

We also really know how important it is to stay connected whatever your location. So don’t forget in addition to great competitive local and international VoIP phone calls, you only need an WiFi or mobile internet connection and your own virtual phone number from FranzCom to take with you where ever you go, any where in the World.

Call costs start from as little as 2.7p per minute including VAT.

With VoIP Call Roaming on our 0845, 0870 and 070 numbers, you pay nothing to receive incoming calls and whats more is we give you cash back for talk time minutes on all calls into your 0845, 0870 and 070 numbers.

Alternatively you can get yourself a geographic virtual phone number, which is slightly more expensive than the 0845, 0870 and 070 numbers. the geographic virtual numbers come with Free Line Rental, which means No Monthly Fees, No Contract and Prepay Top-Up. FranzCom geographic virtual numbers cost 1.2p per minute including VAT for all incoming calls, however all calls made using your geographic virtual numbers cost the same as on our 0845, 0870 and 070 numbers, the only difference being on our 0845, 0870 and 070 numbers you get Free Incoming Calls all day long.

Just order a UK number from our website and download our Zoiper VoIP phone mobile app. Setup your FranzCom number on your Zoiper phone, login to your FranzCom online customer account, add some call credit and that is it, you can start making and receiving calls on your new FranzCom VoIP phone service.

Popular International Call Destinations

All below pricing is in £GBP and already includes VAT.

CountryLandline p/min.Mobile p/min.
Australia0.03492 0.04248
 Bulgaria 0.09684 0.18660
 France0.03168 0.07836
 Iran0.16164 0.16488
 Pakistan 0.05892 0.05892
 Portugal 0.045840.42456
 Sri Lanka0.141480.14148
New Zealand0.034200.05292
South Africa0.139200.13920
United Kingdom0.026850.03600
Russian Federation0.055320.18768
United States0.036360.03636

The difference between FranzCom and other network providers, is our prices already include VAT, so undoubtedly we are usually cheaper over all. Sign-up today and start saving money with FranzCom. We can port your UK VoIP numbers to the FranzCom network too!


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