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OpenTAP the Free of Charge PSTN TAP SMS messaging gateway for business and private users

tap gateway response alert photoIntroducing our TAP gateway product called OpenTAP. TAP to SMS and email messaging for the modern day business and individual use.

Since the decline in TAP access via O2 and Vodafone and other network providers who look at their TAP messaging service as something unimportant and inferior to their other products and services, thus also bringing with that the withdrawal of the service last year by O2 and fast declining standards of Vodafone’s TAP messaging, FranzCom has invested money, time and in partnerships in the USA and UK to bring to market OpenTAP a reliable TAP gateway messaging service for business and individual users alike.

OpenTAP is different because this is a dedicated product of FranzCom and we a concerned about standards and reliability of our products and services for our customers. With now over 300,000 users of our UK virtual numbers Worldwide and well known for quality of service, we decided to invest in and launch OpenTAP, as a reliable, secure and stable TAP gateway messaging service for the UK and international users.

OpenTAP is different because as I said its a product of FranzCom and we have spent time and money in beta tests and stability of this product we are now bringing to market as we know their is a great need for TAP gateway messaging, as when all else fails such as IP over internet and GSM diallers outage, you can always dial a landline and make a modem to modem connection. TAP will be and shall remain the most reliable form of messaging and with OpenTAP you will get that reliability you never had with O2 or still don’t get from Vodafone’s TAP access.

OpenTAP is different because we have built a bolt on platform which we can upgrade at any time to suite needs and expansion.

You can find all details of OpenTAP on our website

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and if you need someone to come and see you the Sales Director, Mr Ian Watts will be glad to pop by your offices for a friendly chat.

Kind Regards
D Kobale CEO


16 thoughts on “OpenTAP the Free of Charge PSTN TAP SMS messaging gateway for business and private users

  1. please i have registered the number +237 707990xx.but it has replied it has already been assigned,but i do not understand why.the destination is cameroon. please help me out

    1. Dear Customer

      This mobile number in Cameroon has indeed all ready been assigned which will stop our system assigning it twice . If you could tell me the e-mail address used when you ordered it then I can tell you what the UK number is ….

  2. hello sir,have activate my uk number about 5 year ago and i dont remember my order email again.. i still have my uk number work is it there link i can disconnect if i want ,, pls let me know sir

  3. Dear Mr Daniel,
    I must tell you that I am really impressed with your customer relationship.
    Please I have an urgent information that I want to put to your notice.
    I subscribed to one of your London virtual numbers and have lost the sim where the number is diverted.
    Can I re-divert it or do I have to cancel the number entirely.
    The number is +4470359xxxxx diverted to my Nigerian number 23481411xxxxxx.
    Please it is important you advise me urgently because the number is still ringing and may be somebody is now using it.
    Waiting for your urgent response.


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