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070 UK Personal Numbers

New orders of 070 numbers are discontinued until further notice!

Due to changes in Ofcom regulations, 070 Personal Numbers are no longer available. Existing customers are recommended to move from 070 personal numbers to 087 numbers, as within the next 12 months 070 personal numbers will no longer be free numbers and will become Pay-As-You-Go 070 Mobile Numbers, costing the same to call are standard UK mobile numbers. You will still be able to use your 070 numbers, but you will have to add call credit to your customer account for them to work.

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Draft statement from Ofcom: 070 Personal Numbering – Review of the 070 number range: This is now very serious! If the UK networks do not do something about this by writing in and expressing your opinions on why 070 Personal Numbers should not be drastically switched to mobile rates, which means no more payback rates for service providers and no more free call forwarding and free services for our customers who have been so enjoying for the past 20 years. Send your complaints now to 070marketreview@ofcom.org.uk 070marketreview ofcom actnow like share follow – Phone: +448081176736 to discuss your options.

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