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Free 070 UK Personal Numbers

It has come to our attention via undisclosed sources, that BT has been deliberately reducing international incoming call access on 070 Personal Numbers BT IPEX since 2014 and  is a direct breech of the competition law set down by Ofcom. However this matter will not be resolved quickly, therefore we recommend that you move to 0845 and 0870 numbers instead, as these are still have international incoming call access. However 070 Personal Numbers still work from some limited international networks when dialled and of course calls to 070 Personal Numbers from UK networks work fine.

070 UK Personal Numbers, VoIP Numbers, Free International Call Forwarding.

070 Personal Numbers look like mobile phone numbers, and are recognizably more expensive to call than 08 numbers. As such, they are more suitable for contacting individuals than for sales use, although they make good ‘field support’ numbers for staff who are ‘on call’. 070 numbers are free to setup and include a huge amount of free call forwarding, making them perfect personal contact numbers.

We included lots of great services which you can benefit from which other competitors charge for, but with Open, you get them all free, yes completely free of charge! You won’t find a better offer any where else! Plus you get wholesale competitive pricing on call forwarding to all none free destinations!

Number costs and other information

  • Setup Fee: No Charge
  • Line Rental: No Charge
  • Incoming Calls: No Charge
  • Free Minute: Earn cashback from all incoming calls
  • Cost to Caller: 50p a minute from a BT line
  • Call Forwarding: Free redirection to UK landline/mobile and International phone lines in over 180 countries (see order form for full list of countries available)
  • Billing: Real time online

Features and Benefits

Each number you order from us comes with all these great features to really help you from day to day with your calls and management of your numbers you have with us.

All prices include VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE: Revenue share is  not permitted on 070 Personal Numbers. We do not advertise that you can earn revenue share from 070 Personal Numbers. Further more it is prohibited by Ofcom 070 Numbering Regulations.

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