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Free 0845 UK VoIP Numbers

0845 numbers

0845 Numbers, Free UK Numbers, VoIP Numbers, Free UK and International Call Forwarding.

0845 numbers are also good marketing numbers, and it is widely recognized that calls to these numbers are charged at low rate to the caller. They are cheap to call and like all 08 numbers they give the impression that you have a national presence.

Our 0845 UK numbers have free forwarding to UK landline, UK mobile or VoIP phone/trunk anywhere and international landlines and mobiles in over 100 destinations.

Simply use a number from our range of numbers or take advantage of Number Portability to move your current number from BT. Our network will then deliver calls to your chosen destination – call centre, sales team or service desk etc. Callers only pay the cost of a local call (included on their normal phone bill).

Number costs and other information

  • Setup Fee: £0.00 FREE
  • Line Rental: £0.00 FREE
  • Incoming Calls: £0.00 FREE
  • Cost to Caller: 7p a minute from a BT line
  • Call Charges: You can make calls Worldwide from as little as 2.7p per minute incl. VAT. Check all destinations using the price checker located in your online customer account.
  • Call Forwarding: Free forwarding to VoIP phones and mobile apps, UK fixed lines and mobiles and many international phone lines Worldwide.
  • Billing: Real time online

Features and benefits

Each number you order from us comes with all these great features to really help you from day to day with your calls and management of your numbers you have with us.

All prices include VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.

Customer Notice

Calls to our 0845 number ranges cost 7p per minute from a BT landline, plus the call providers access charge. Calls from other networks and mobiles may cost more!

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