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PrepayTAP to SMS Text Messaging Gateway

PAYGO, TAP to SMS, TAP to Text Messaging, Alarm System Messaging, Text Message Monitoring.

Now you can have your own personal PrepayTAP to SMS text messaging gateway account with Franzcom!

If you do not want to use the more expensive free service number 07045607101 OpenTAP to SMS text Messaging gateway for your alarm system or other monitoring service, then you can order your very own PrepayTAP to SMS text message gateway account.

With the PrepayTAP to SMS text message gateway account, you get a UK geographic number which is cheap to call and will only cost you 22p per call + 1.2p per minute including VAT for all calls to your personal PrepayTAP gateway account.

Number costs and other information

OpenTAP gateway is a free service operated by FranzCom, as we believe in keeping things simple and easy to use!

  • Setup Fee: £0.00 FREE
  • Line Rental: £0.00 FREE
  • Call Charges: 22p per call + 1.2p per minute
  • Cost to Call: Cost of calling a standard UK geographic phone line
  • Call Forwarding – Not applicable
  • Cost Per Text or Email Message: £0.00 FREE
  • Billing: Real time online

NB. Calls cost a minimum of £0.22p a minute, and it takes no more than 60 seconds to complete the call and messaging process.

The benefits

  • Your own unique personal TAP gateway access number
  • Managed Service 24/7
  • Technical Support
  • Cisco Grade Equipment
  • TAP to Mobile SMS text and Email Messaging Gateway = total mobile coverage, double the backup on your report messages!
  • Can be used with fire and security alarms, paging systems, networks and other supported devices, allowing you to receive regular reports by Mobile SMS test and Email messaging.
  • Supports all legacy and modern dial-up modems up to 56K. OpenTAP gateway also supports digital modem connections with ISDN.
  • Works with all major local and international mobile phone providers Worldwide.
  • When all else fails including IP or GSM signalling is down, good old modem to modem dial-up always works! With OpenTAP you are sure to always get the alert message by Mobile SMS text and Email.

To setup your personal PrepayTAP to SMS text message gateway account, give us a call today on (+44) 0808-117-67836

All prices include VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.

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