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SMS Gateway Provider for Burglar Alarm Text Messaging

Does your security alarm system, pager or other device use TAP to SMS messaging alerts?

FranzCom has the solution for you! Our dial-up TAP to SMS and email messaging gateway is completely free of charge to use, you only pay for the call to the dial-up access phone line! All you have to do is register with us, its easy!

We provide a 2 in 1 service! TAP to SMS and for double backup in case of mobile network outage we have TAP to SMTP, sending you message alerts to your registered email address. SMS + Email means total coverage up time. Genius!

While your mobile carrier may not understand the importance of TAP messaging in the area of security, IT network and industrial monitoring, FranzCom and our partners do!

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What is TAP?

“Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) is the industry standard for sending out-of-band alphanumeric messages to mobile phones and pagers.

“OpenTAP Gateway is ideal for network and IT managers that need a reliable way to receive automated network and messaging alerts, event if their entire network is down.”

“OpenTAP Gateway which can be used by security alarm base companies, its FREE to register and start using the service today…. so go on try it!”

How does OpenTAP work?

Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) is the industry-standard protocol for submitting text messages to cellular phones or alphanumeric pagers. The sender uses a TAP software client to send messages to OpenTAP gateway using a dialup modem. Many mobile network and paging providers offer their own TAP gateways, unfortunately, many of them are often unreliable and unsupported by these carriers. Many carriers have either discontinued their support for TAP or never plan on offering the service. Furthermore, since each carrier has their own TAP gateway, each with their own access number, settings, and quirks, managing these separate gateways can be a hassle.

OpenTAP gateway is a reliable and fully-supported TAP gateway service that can be used to replace the cumbersome TAP service provided by your current carrier. Simply replace all of your different TAP client access numbers with a single OpenTAP gateway access number. With OpenTAP gateway you’ll have a single TAP access number, single protocol settings, and a single management interface to manage all of your mobile devices and message logs.

Number costs and other information

OpenTAP is a completely FREE OF CHARGE service provided by FranzCom, as we believe in keeping things simple and easy to use!

  • Setup Fee – Free
  • Line Rental – Free
  • Call Usage – Free
  • Free Time – Not applicable as call usage is free
  • Cost to Dial – 50p/50p/50p/min. Day/Night/Weekend incl. VAT)
  • Call Forwarding – Not applicable
  • Cost Per Text or Email Message – Free
  • Billing – Not applicable

NB. Calls from UK landlines cost a minimum £0.50p, as it only takes no more than 60 seconds to complete the call and messaging process. Calls from other networks including mobiles may vary!

The benefits

  • With OpenTAP gateway as a your TAP to SMS + Email messaging gateway = total mobile coverage, double the backup on your report messages!
  • OpenTAP gateway can be used with fire and security alarms, paging systems, networks and other supported devices, allowing you to receive regular report and alert messages by SMS + Email.
  • OpenTAP gateway supports all legacy and modern dialup modems up to 56K. OpenTAP Gateway also supports digital modem connections with ISDN.
  • OpenTAP gateway works with all major local and international mobile phone providers Worldwide.
  • When all else fails including IP or GSM signalling is down, good old modem to modem dial-up always works! With OpenTAP you are sure to always get the alert message by SMS + Email.

How do I register to use the OpenTAP gateway?

  1. First of all you need to register all mobile numbers which are to receive text message alerts with us by clicking on the big orange register online now button.
  2. Please log into your device which supports TAP gateway messaging. E.g Alarm systems, pagers, networking device or other similar devices.
  3. Locate the TAP dial up gateway messaging settings.
  4. Insert the following gateway access number within UK 09117329997 (intl.+448726149997)
  5. Make sure the mobile which messages are going to be sent to are input with international country code plus mobile number without any leading zeros eg. in the UK replace 07987654321 for 447987654321, otherwise it will not work!
  6. Save settings!


PLEASE NOTE: OpenTAP NOW also works without having to register your receiving mobile phone numbers by just inputing the gateway access number within UK 09117329997 (intl.+448726149997) and follow “step 5″ as above mentioned,  however you will only receive text messages! If you wish to receive email message alerts as well as text messages, you will still have to register by clicking the above “Registration Online Now” button.

If your system device offers the ability to send an SMS text messages to you when it is activated and you think it is using the TAP gateway dial up for this, please contact the FranzCom team for details on UK +44 (0)808-117-6736 or email us.

All prices exclude VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated.

Note: You incur no cost by signing up for, or using OpenTAP. Really! There is no catch and no hidden charges. We operate by taking a share of the revenue generated by all calls made to our 070 Numbers.

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