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SMS/GSM Notification Becomes a Standard for Messenger Suite

RENO, Nevada—Bytware, Inc., announces that with the increasing popularity of SMS/GSM notification devices, specifically in North America, and with the recent announcement that AT&T is moving from TAP to SMS/GSM standards, Bytware’s Messenger products support of this emerging protocol has been enhanced.Bytware’s Messenger products now support SMS (Short Message Service) paging, using the GSM (Global System Mobile Communication) protocol. This service will not require a paging company and will allow the user to connect a cell phone (or other GSM device) directly to the AS/400 to use as a modem. You will then be able to send text messages directly to other cell phones and pagers, as well as reply to messages sent using the GSM protocol. The receiving device does not need to be GSM.

This enhancement to MessengerPlus and MessengerConsole 5.56 provides support for using a GSM mobile phone as a modem. Using a GSM modem provides the following advantages:

  • SMS messages can be sent directly without the use of a TAP or e-mail gateway.
  • System messages can be answered by replying to the SMS messages.
  • SMS messages can be sent to any other phone, or pager in the world without the need for multiple gateways. Even if the receiving device is not GSM, we have been able to send messages to multiple carriers and devices without knowing anything more than the device’s mobile number/phone number.
  • A cellular phone provides improved tolerance to power failures and phone line problems. Since GSM cellular modems send their information wirelessly, modem-to-modem incompatibility issues are eliminated.

Bytware offers a suite of monitoring and notification products tailored to managing events across single, multiple, and partitioned iSeries systems. The Messenger product suite includes MessengerConsole and MessengerPlus. Learn more about our monitoring, paging, and consoling solutions.


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