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(April 2nd, 2004) – FranzCom releases a new 07 personal mobile number service.

(April 2nd, 2004) - FranzCom releases a new 07 personal mobile number service. (Worldwide) April 2nd, 2004 - FranzCom recently gained a new agreement with one of it's service providers for a new style of 07 personal mobile number available to customers Worldwide. This new type 07 personal mobile number will have the potential to be diverted to either UK landlines, UK mobile phones and internat...
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(July 27th, 2004) – Problems with some 0871 numbers provided by 0871 Global.

(Worldwide) July 27th, 2004 - It has been brought to our attention that customers with 0871 numbers supplied to them by 0871 Global have been experiencing connection problems. This is because all 0871 numbers with the following number ranges; 0871-871-xxxx, 0871-734-xxxx, 0871-733-xxxx, belonging to 0871 Global have been suspended without further notice. If you would like to have your 0871 numb...
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(August 24th, 2004) – Romsourcing Romania selects FranzCom to deliver E-Care Services. (Live Chat and Email Answering Operators available for UK).

(Worldwide) August 24, 2004 - Romsourcing is delighted to announce a new partnership with UK telecom services provider FranzCom. [break] FranzCom will provide support for distributing Romsourcing E-Care services to UK market.[break] Romsourcing as an offshore outsourcing provider offers successful rapid deployment of new and customized services such as BPO services, live chat services, email...
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