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FranzCom’s announces new intelligent platform includes 419 fraud countermeasures

Daniel Kobale (CEO) and Ian Watts (Sales Director) of FranzCom are pleased to publicly announce 419 fraud countermeasures incorported into the new intelligent order system platform. Daniel Kobale CEO says "the new anti-fraud system is just a one step towards 419 fraud prevention in our automated ordering system and is something sorely needed in the telecom industry. There is nothing off the...
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(May 15th, 2002) – FranzCom announces a new telecom service giving international customers the ability to have a UK virtual presence.

CONNECT YOUR BUSINESS DIRECTLY TO THE UK[break] (Worldwide) May 15th, 2002 - Have a UK phone number diverted to your international phone line for FREE with absolutely NO cost to you![break] Businesses trading from outside the UK can now offer their UK customers the option to call them for the price of a UK phone call. At present many businesses that are based abroad, but trade in the UK requ...
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