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Make cheap calls with your VoIP phone using your FranzCom 08, 070 or geographic number account

All our 08, 070  and geographic numbers are all VoIP enabled, so you can make and receive calls using a VoIP phone or mobile app. Just add call credit to your customer account, download your favorite VoIP mobile app or purchase a desktop VoIP phone and start making cheaper calls today!
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Make a call with WiFi Internet Calling

With WiFi Calling, you can place a phone call if you have a WiFi connection in an area with little or no mobile coverage. Learn how to make a voice call using WiFi Calling today with FranzCom. Give us a call on (+44) 0808-117-6736 to discuss how you could start saving time and money by switching to the FranzCom VoIP phone network!
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Make 0800 numbers calls free from all phones, says watchdog

Most 'freephone' calls from mobiles incur a charge of up to 21p a minute Plans to simplify how calls are charged for 118, 08, and 09 numbers Media regulator Ofcom wants to clear up confusion over 0800 numbers by making them free from all phones, including mobiles. Most of these calls from mobiles incur a charge of up to 21p a minute, despite being known as ‘freephone’ numbers. Consum...
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