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Our Voicemail to Email service will automatically convert your voicemail message to an MP3 audio file, and then email it to you straight away. You can set your Voicemail to Email service to automatically send your voicemail to email whenever you are unavailable or do not have mobile phone signal.

The Advantages

  • No contracts. No Hardware.
  • Stay Connected to Your Business
  • Ensure you’ll always receive your voicemail right away
  • Keep recordings of your business voicemail for the long-term
  • Easily forward voicemail to other people
  • Improve your responsiveness to customers, prospects and any important callers
  • Choose Where You Want Your Voicemail Stored


If you receive a great deal of voicemail messages on a regular basis, you can opt for “Forward” which will automatically forward a voicemail to your email address, but will not store a copy in your voicemail inbox. Removing unwanted voicemail from your voicemail storage can streamline and optimise your time in your account.


You can also use the “copy” setting, which forwards your voicemail to your email address and also keeps a copy in your voicemail storage. This ensures you always have multiple copies of your voicemail for your records, and that you can always easily find a voicemail online.

Discover How Voicemail to Email Helps Your Business

Be responsive to your customers and potential sales prospects

Our voicemail system automatically emails you the audio recording of a voicemail as soon as you receive it, so you’ll always know you have a new phone message straight away,  even if you don’t have your phone handy. This means you can respond quickly to customers or any important calls by listening to your voicemail within just a few minutes after it’s recorded, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or any device which has access to your forwarding email account.

Get voicemail messages to the right people quickly

You can easily forwarded voicemail recordings from your email inbox. If you receive an important or urgent request from a customer or colleague, and you’re not able to help them in time, just forward the voicemail attachment by email to the right person on your team. Plus, because you’re using email, you can include a helpful note to your colleague explaining the voicemail details.

All our FranzCom 08x and 070 numbers come with Free of Charge Voicemail to Email. Just click on the Products and Services menu above and chose the right number service for you or give us a call on UK (+44) 0808-117-6736 for a friendly chat about your requirements.


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